today was another good day.

i finally reached my goal on my b&w blog, 

people consider it stupid wanting to have a lot of followers, but I want alot because they keep me busy. The more followers, the more pressure to make my blog nice. Also i’ve made a lot of amazing friends through here. And I have amazing followers. I’m very glad I havent gotten a lot of hate on it. Thats one thing I dont want any of.

I’ve seen what it does to people, and I dont understand why anybody does it?


Okay, so today was actually a good day.

I’ve been feeling like shit lately, therefore have been indoors for like the past month basically. Today I go out and stuff and I get hit on. and I know thats not the ideal thing to cheer up over but I recently stopped seeing this guy and felt like I was gonna be forever alone. So, today cheered me up.

I mean, I dont think i’m pretty at all but its nice when other guys think I am.

I just wish I wasnt so dismissive. 

le sigh.

Photo lab

I havent posted on here in a little bit.

Okay so, Today was unusually boring. 

I’m very used to it though, and I cant wait to get back to my dorm.

Three more weeks, and I can see my friends, my dorm, my freedom. Everything!

The thing I miss more though is the photo lab. 

I swear when I get back i’m going the be there the entire first week from opening to close. My sweetsweet dark room <3 

Its just so calming in there , especially when nobody else is there with me, and I can put music on. I love the smell of the developing chemicals. 

Anyways, off to sleep I go. 



i dont know.


Has anybody heard of the huge power outage in india?

8% of the people in this world are without power now.

They blame it on being monsoon season.

This is the worst power outage in history. That has to mean something.

I cant even begin to imagine how rough it must be for everyone out there right now.

My prayers are on them and I sincerely hope the problem gets fixed promptly.

Robsten Breakup

I just spent like an hour reading through articles online about how Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson. 

How could anybody cheat on that man, or anyvody at all, and then claim to love them more than anything?

I usually don’t give a shit about this kind of stuff, but I found this to be pretty ridiculous. 

I sincerely hope they don’t get back together any time soon.


Found out the other day that my sister started talking to the guy who I still cant get over.

She refuses to stop talking to him.


Woke up in a numb mood.

I wonder why I cant get over this depression I seem to have,

and once I start to think about it, i’d say it started when I stopped taking molly. 

I miss it, i’m not going to lie. Makes me happy.

But not the comedown. Thats a bitch.

A realll bitch.